AIO Tests
All-In-One Test Management for Jira

Jira-native test management app covering entire QA lifecycle with Test Cases, Cycles, Reports, Automation and more

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Complete test management inside Jira

Simplify your testing with the most straightforward, agile, complete yet affordable solution within Jira!

You are not alone

Highly responsive support team

We are here to understand and act on your feedback. Whether you are facing a problem, want to suggest improvements or just need help with using the app, our solution focused team is just a click away.

Quick and Easy

Zero Setup Time

Simplicity guides AIO Tests. Just install, and get started with absolutely no setup required. Intuitive navigation leads to a hassle free usage with very little learning curve

Integration with Jira

Get full traceability across Jira requirements/tasks, cases, executions and defects across releases. The unique AIO Tests Panel provides a seamless view of all test related data right from a story

Folder Organization

Organize your cases, execution cycles and sets in hierarchical folders, giving you a neat view and easy access to what you are looking for

Intuitive Reports and Gadgets

Keep track of your executions with our comprehensive reports and gadgets. Unique reports help with questions like most important cases, case burndown rate and many more

Automation and Integration

Handle all your automation needs with ease. Track your automation workflow, import results from automated runs and integrate AIO Tests with Jenkins CI/CD pipeline. Integrate with or extend any tool with our free REST APIs

Documentation and Support

Get help at your finger tips with our extensive documentation and prompt customer support. Contact Us

What Our Customers Have to Say

Excellent. As a former user of HP ALM, I find the AIO Test as a really comprehensive and easy to learn tool. We reviewed couple of popular JIRA plugins and external tools - the AIO does the thing. Factors that convinced us: Test Repository with folders, Cross Projects visibility, Traceability, ability to create test cases from User Story / DE level.
Tomasz Kulinski
We selected this tool because it seemed very easy for anyone to understand, even if they are not dedicated to testing. After several months of use we are very happy with it, easy to learn, easy to use and it allows us to keep our tests neat. The reports are very helpful and the support team is really good. Good testing tool!
Caroline Robles
AIO Tests is a very good tool for testers. It's easy to use and integrates very well with Jira. The help provided by the support team is excellent!​
Irina Azagra​
Great and easy to use testing tool for JIRA. The support team is very helpful and supportive. I requested multiple things and faced some concerns, they were very cooperative and responsive.
Lobna Osama

AIO Tests
All-In-One Test Management for Jira

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